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Trasporto di prodotti per la pulizia
About us
Discover our history and our values

360-degree personalized cleansing

The added value of EcoAir is the flexibility of the team in studying the best cleaning solution to satisfy the requests of each customer. Quality and customer satisfaction are our main values ​​which is why we are ISO 9001 certified.

Edoardo Fonti

Owner & CEO

Our history | since 1999 in the detergency sector

EcoAir was founded in 1999 as a chemical company, the result of the initiative and the taste to design the detergent supply sector in a new way.

Over the years, the choice to invest in chemical research has allowed not only to consolidate but even to expand the product lines.

Sustainability and ecology | respect and protection of the environment

EcoAir, in accordance with an original and conscious choice of eco-compatibility, over the years has favored the production of detergents in respect of nature and man.

Research & Development | needed to expand the product line

The strong point and source of pride is the fact that research and production all take place at the EcoAir plant, guaranteeing the Made in Italy of the entire production line.

The reference sectors | Flexo, Cleaning and Mobile

EcoAir has established itself in 3 distinct sectors:

  • The world of flexographic printing, where with the FLEXO CLEANING line it offers cleaning solutions for all types of inks

  • The food and food retail world where with the FOOD & PROFESSIONAL CLEANING line it offers cleaning and disinfection solutions for all food production and storage companies

  • The world of furniture that ranges from the world of buses, campers and boats up to the world of chemical toilets for construction sites where with the MOBILE CLEANING line it offers high-level cleaning and perfuming solutions

Our presence | Italy and Brazil

EcoAir boasts a production and commercial plant in Mulazzano in southern Milan , and a new warehousing and commercial plant in Sao Paulo , Brazil to manage the South American market.


First of all, the quality of our products, the result of our development methodology, our production processes and the careful choice of suppliers all certify ISO 9001

Sustainability and ecology

Respect and protection of the environment has guided us in the selection and use of raw materials with the highest percentage of biodegradability, the least waste of water, and the least use of polluting surfactants.


The products made and placed on the market are characterized by their effectiveness: the positive feedback that continuously comes from users are tangible proof of this.


Together it's easier. We are animated by a strong spirit of collaboration with qualified partners to best meet the needs and requests of our customers

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