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Research & Development
Chemical research has allowed us to expand our product lines

Research & Development

Over the years, the decision to invest in chemical research has allowed not only to consolidate but also to expand the line of various products.

The heart of EcoAir is its own R&D , scientific research on ecology has made it possible to discover that the “collateral damage” on the ecosystem due to the large consumption of detergents, of all types, are reaching values ​​that are no longer sustainable.

It is true that until now the surfactants used in detergents, thanks to their evident efficacy, have influenced the choices, leaving ecological problems in the background, but with the explosion of the large mass of used products, today the need to find a decisive solution.

The ecological problem is not due to dirt, which thus returns to nature, but to the type and quantity of detergents used for cleaning. The "ecological" detergents up to now have respected the environment but have proved less valid from the point of view of effectiveness.

Thanks to the company's investments, in EcoAir the scientific research on detergents, today, has made it possible to discover new mechanisms and new products capable of competing with the most effective detergents, as far as functionality is concerned but at the same time are harmless on the environmental system.

Our added value is to study the needs and problems of our customers on a case by case basis, providing products designed ad hoc.

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