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Ecological powder for the hygiene of the waste water of the chemical toilets of buses and coaches, and of all the structures used for the toilets, not directly connected to the sewer system. Available in convenient single-dose sachets of 33 grams.
It does not contain harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde and phosphates.
It is extremely effective and practical: it eliminates bad smells, destroys organic waste and leaves a fresh and pleasant scent in the toilet. The sachet, being made of water-soluble plastic, is thrown without opening it directly in the toilet and therefore does not dirty, does not drip, does not stain.

Sanity Toilet Mobile Powder

  • 18 jars of 15 sachets of 33 grams

  • Put a sachet, without opening it and with dry hands, directly into the toilet and drain the water to dissolve its contents.
    In less than a minute the toilet is ready for use.
    One sachet is sufficient for 15/20 liters of black water.
    The effect of a sachet lasts on average 3 days, each time the tray is emptied, insert a new sachet.

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