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Product for the hygiene of portable toilets, Rinsing WC Mobile sanitizes and thoroughly cleans the toilet, removes germs and fights the formation of algae. It adheres to the walls of the toilet, leaving a protective film that allows you to keep the toilet always clean and fragrant.
Product to be poured directly on the walls of the toilet or to be added to the autonomous tank used to contain the water for rinsing the toilet. It does not contain harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde and phosphates.

Rinsing WC Mobile

  • Box 16 x 1 liter / Box 9 x 2 liters

  • If there is an independent tank for toilet flushing, pour 100 ml of product into the tank for every 15 liters of water. If there is no independent tank for rinsing water, pour the product directly onto the walls of the toilet.
    To maintain optimal hygiene, periodically pour the product on the walls of the toilet and leave it to act for a few minutes before rinsing again.

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