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Alkaline foaming detergent containing sodium hypochlorite with a reduced content of surfactants which brings a reduced foam load to waste water. This product has a high gripping power and is suitable for the daily cleaning of surfaces, equipment, conveyor belts and work benches in the food and livestock sector. Compliant with HACCP protocols.

DAILY FOAM E is a degreasing, whitening and sanitizing product specifically designed to remove different types of organic contamination such as animal fat residues, vegetable fats, greasy dirt, protein dirt and blood residues.

DAILY FOAM E is an innovative product with a low environmental impact:

  • allows to reduce the foam load to waste water
  • less water waste during rinsing

Available in various concentrations of sodium hypochlorite.

Daily Foam AND red cap

  • 5KG– 10KG - 22KG

  • Adjust the foam pressure to obtain an adequately dense foam. Apply the foam evenly to the surfaces to be cleaned. Leave to act and rinse with water in low or high pressure.

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