Detergents for printers

ECO AIR offers a complete range of products for the cleaning of flexographic printing machines and to guarantee perfect short and long term care. Thanks to investments in research and development, ECO AIR cleaning products have been studied and perfected in order to guarantee the highest level of print quality and facilitate correct cleaning and long-term maintenance. Specially developed according to the most advanced ecological requirements for the full respect of the environment.

  • They can be used both in post-flexographic and offset printing, for inks based
    water and UV.
  • Developed to increase the life of the anilox rollers, the rubber rollers and the
    power supply system.


  • FOR MACHINES, these products have no negative effect on anilox rollers, rubber rollers and metal parts.
  • FOR OPERATORS, as these products are not dangerous for humans.
  • FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, as these products are biodegradable.
  • SUPPLY of the safety data sheet (SDS) according to the regulations in force.

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