Eco Air ecological solutions

Eco Air was founded in 1999, as a result of the initiative and the taste of designing the detergent supply sector in a new way. Over the years, the decision to invest in chemical research has allowed not only to consolidate but even to expand the line of the various products.
Eco Air, in accordance with an original and conscious choice of eco-compatibility, over the years has favored the production of Detergents in respect of Nature and Peaple. A strong point and a source of pride is the fact that research and production take place all at the Eco Air plant, thus guaranteeing the MADE IN ITALY of the entire production line.
In 2017 the company was acquired by a new Property, which allowed the entry of new productive forces, which in turn, infused a new dynamism to the company, always ensuring the excellent quality of the products, confirmed from the positive response of the markets.





Respect and protection of the environment has guided us in the selection and use of raw materials



The result of our development methodology, our production processes and the careful selection of suppliers



The results were positive for their effectiveness: the positive feedback that will continue from the users are tangible proof



Together it’s easier. We are driven by a strong spirit of collaboration with qualified partners to best satisfy our customers

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